Sharon Mendelow Executive Producer

Executive Producer

Sharon Mendelow produces broadcast, digital & social, experiential and still content for some of the world’s most creative agencies, media platforms and brands. Sharon’s years of experience, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, has enabled her to establish a global network of best-in-class partners she is able to call upon, time and again, to bring a creative vision to life.

Sharon brings strategy to the production process. This means she is able to take a broader view to recognize marketing goals and production spend than the typical "one-off" approach to production. The result is a tailored approach for delivering effective content more quickly and efficiently.

Her unique ability to excel at both right brained and left brained thinking enables Sharon to bring out the best in teams and deliver elegant solutions under seemingly difficult constraints.


Ability to bring an idea to life utilizing an equal balance of analytical and creative firepower. Able to recognize opportunities and mitigate risk to achieve shared goals.


Highly personable and capable of working closely and collaboratively with creative teams, account service and clients.


Over 15 years of experience across a shifting industry landscape builds character and conviction to provide the best possible service offering.


Able to solve problems and implement solutions under tight deadlines and always within budget.